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 Repairs to Samsung Appliances to Customer satisfaction is our mission:


We repair all types of Samsung household appliances on our market today and many more.

Also note that we are a one stop shop when it comes to variety, as a result we are also experts in other common brands on our market today namely

  • Not washing properly
  • Doesn’t drain properly
  • Not filling with water
  • Not heating
  • Showing errors on display / System showing errors
  • Not coming on at all
  • Tripping electricity
  • Call for Appliance Repairs
  • Drum not turning
  • Not dying clothes properly
  • Not regulating temperature
  • Not turning on
  • Causing electricity to trip
  • Makes a loud noise
  • Running but not heating
  • Microwaves that are sparking
  • Microwaves that are not turning on
  • Tripping electricty
  • One or more plates not working
  • Shocking when is use
  • Elements not heating
  • Elements overheating
  • Plates not heating/overheating
  • Causing electricity to trip
  • Not coming on
Bosch Washing Machine
  • Machine is not spinning
  • Not washing clothes properly
  • Makes a loud noise when washing
  • Not filling with water/draining water
  • Displaying errors
  • Not coming on
  • Doesn’t take washing powder
  • Door doesn’t open
  • Tripping electricity






Samsung Appliance Repairs

Why Choose Us?



Quick and Affordable Samsung Appliance Repairs

-We are very passionate about our clients’ concern by being ” time conscious” in-order to save their time loss from being away from work to attend  to a machinery headache.



-We therefore drive around your areas with a well equipped Mobile Workshop Unit, carrying with us, most major common Samsung spares for your appliances. All our work is done by qualified technicians, workshop trained to repair all major brands on our market today.



-*All Our Work Carries A 6 Months Guarantee On Either Spares & Workmanship.



-Call Us Today.