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As the leading appliance repair company, AU Appliance Repairs is proud to offer professional and reliable electrical repairs to homeowners in all Suburbs in Metropolitans around Gauteng.

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Our highly qualified technicians work closely with you to provide expert advice, high-quality services and useful tips that are personalised to help you protect your electrical appliances against future malfunctions.

Whether you need to repair your Fridge, Washing machine, Dishwasher, Dryer or Oven, we can meet your needs.

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We are dedicated to offering the best Appliance repair services.

We provide the best Bosch Fridge/Freezer repair service

Newer Fridges today might need a little more TLC than the older models. Newer Fridges are capable of doing so much more than those older versions, and they use fewer energy than your parent’s Fridge required.

The additional features and electronics attached to the appliance make them a little more work, but when properly repaired with the right technician and the right parts, you should get years and years of use from your Refrigerator and experience very little trouble.

Remember to never attempt to make any Bosch Fridge repairs to your Refrigerator, this increases the chance of you doing more damage to your appliance, and increasing the amount of repair work that needs to be done.

We understand exactly how stressful the malfunctioning appliance can be. Whether you need Fridge repairs, Freezer repairs or Cold-room repairs, we see no logical reason to further compound your stress by making you wait several days for the needed repairs, or to give up a day’s work so you can wait around for a repair person who refused to commit to a set time.

We provide Bosch Fridge repairs for most problems including:

Fridge and Freezer Repairs
  • Fridge tripping mains switch
  • Fridge running but not cooling
  • Fridge running a few second then cuts off.
  • Fridge displaying an error code on the display panel
  • Fridge leaking water onto the floor
  • Fridge no longer dispenses ice- in the case of ice-dispensers.
  • Flushing a red light instead of green.
  • Making unusual noise
  • Over-freezing
  • Too much ice build up in the fridge compartment
  • Odors-Bad smell-Food going bad
  • Fridge shocking when you touch it
  • Door won’t close
  • Refusal to start

There’s not a single problem we can’t handle. No matter what issue you are encountering, we will get it fixed right away.

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Bosch Fridge Repairs – We are fully qualified and highly experienced to service and repair all Bosch appliances, fridges, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, tumble dryers, stoves, ovens and other appliances made by these fine manufacturers. If the brand of your appliance is not listed here, don’t worry, we can take care of them also..