Meet Our Access Repairs Experts

About us, our company provides a full spectrum of work of any level of complexity. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals, who have been in the industry for no less than 6 years. We have gained extensive experience while solving the most complex technical and organizational tasks, what allows us to provide you with the best service.

24/7-Quick Response Service

All our repairs are usually “On-Site”, & we promise to attend to every call within 30-45 mins. All our mobile vans are branded & clearly display our company logo. We are prepared to go out of our way to meet every client’s requirements in terms of time schedules, because we understand how important it is to deal with both, work & home problems, especially when it comes to the effects caused by a malfunctioning appliance, either at home or be it your business. We have a team of Highly trained & qualified technicians to repairs all common major brands on our market today. Our mobile vans drives around with all major common spares for all repairs to avoid time delays. All our work is ‘Guaranteed on either spares & workmanship’ After Inspection on your appliance, you are given a quotation, of which you have a right to decline if its not within your budgetary confinements, however if you decide not to go ahead with the quotation, it is defined as a ‘Quote Request’ therefore it carries a Call Out Fee. If It happens that the appliance needs workshop attention, a client shall be notified before your appliance is taken away for further inspection & you shall be issued with a delivery note, stating when your appliance will be delivered back.



Our Mission

Appliance Repairs Access emphasizes on timing and quality which has enabled us to set ourselves apart in an industry that often has customers pulling their hair out in frustration. Our Company was formed in 2009, with the express purpose of bridging the gap between the service expected and the service delivered in the industry. “People are used to the so-called bakkie operators. We realized there was a need for a brand other than what was available in the market at that time.

We currently have 20 branches Around Gauteng. The secret to our success is community-based work. “We focus on work within communities and we are efficient because we do not service areas that are too far. thus in every Town we have a branch.


Ice-machine Repairs

” There is huge market scope. We specialize in both white and black equipment, as it is known in the industry Whites being fridges, washing machines, dishwashers and the like, and blacks being, hi-fis, televisions and other audio-visual equipment”

With the growth of the Company, we found ourselves having to venture more into the market, hence the introduction of Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Catering, Bakery, Laundry Equipment & Electrical Repairs & Installations in 2012.

“We Specialize on all Common brands on our market today, thus making our company a one stop solution.

One of the biggest challenges facing the Industry is the popular belief that technicians and electricians specialize in the same trade.

While technicians usually learn their skills through training in their trade, electricians need a trade certificate to repair household wiring.

“We have compiled our own training manuals and our technicians are of the highest quality”


About us,  Refrigeration Appliance Repair. Every branch is given comprehensive support, which includes training on the basics of Household appliance repairs, Commercial appliance repairs, Industrial equipment repairs. With this, we have already enjoyed astounding success, considering that the company was only established in 2009.  We focused on keeping the prices low to create a foundation of outlets from which to build our company’s success.”

With highly experienced & qualified technicians, most of our repairs are On-site, this also saves time & minimizes the repair costs as most of our vans carries all major common spares with them, avoiding damages to your appliances or the headache or having to worry as to when your appliance will be delivered back. As most companies have a habit of only collecting your appliances & promising to deliver it back the next day but only to have it back after a month or so.

However due to the intensity of evaluating black appliances & the heaviness in the type of repairs to be carried out like bearing replacement, we might need to carry some of the appliances as it may not be good to be carried out at your premises, but this we do with your consent.


Appliance Repairs
Bakery oven Repairs

We notify you first before we collect your appliance we give you a collection note with our workshop address & the date to deliver it back. In the case where the cost is below R500, the repairs are done automatically. (Audio-visual equipment) “When we collect items, we make sure that we are on time.

We are often complimented on our punctuality and the fact that we get the work done in under 48 hours.

It regularly happens that we collect an appliance in the morning and return it by the afternoon”

Contrary to a popular belief that stores in the higher income areas do extremely well. With some top-of-the-range appliances costing above R10 000, not even the most affluent class can afford replacing these machines every time something goes wrong, hence the need to maintain that which you already have.